We are RedLions Capital.

We are not a traditional venture capital company. We were created to evolve investments and optimize returns. But we do not invest in any project, we choose better opportunities. Projects that take the human race one step ahead. We were founded by visionaries, who always had a bigger vision. At our core, we believe that entrepreneurs are the best agents of positive and transformational change in all aspects of our society and economy. For us, our work is our mission. When you spend some time with us, you will see that our company is built by experienced founders and competent partners. That's why we invest in high return business because we want to help our investors move from a product that works to make it a global success. And that's why we've built the most experienced team possible with a clear and systematic approach that helps investors turn their vision into something that changes the world for the better. We seek ambitious investors who want to build leading companies or companies that change key components of our economy and society. Investors who want to use technology applied to the world in favor of something better for as many people as possible. How will we do this? We have four principles that guide every decision we make. We call this the Manifesto. 1. Now is the Entrepreneur's Age In the past, it was the governments that made the biggest changes in our lifestyle. It is now entrepreneurs and innovators who use disruptive technologies to drive behavioral change on both the mass scale and the digital age. Their combination of ambition, talent, and determination with unique minds are transforming all sectors of the economy in a way almost unimaginable from a few years to now. In the last decade, the deeper changes in how we communicated were keeping in touch with friends, entertaining ourselves, even starting businesses - all driven by technological innovation. But now we will see changes on a much more ambitious and meaningful scale. The way we learn, we stay healthy, we move from one city to another, we use increasingly scarce natural resources, process food, build a more sustainable planet and even extend our own lives. We believe with deep conviction that entrepreneurs will solve some of humanity's greatest and deepest challenges. Now we are these entrepreneurs. That is why we say we are living the most exciting time to invest and support changemakers. It is their moment, the moment of history, the "Age of the Entrepreneur". And that's why every aspect of our business, every part of our culture and our way of working, and every decision we make is designed with the sole ambition of helping them succeed. 2. Great companies can now come from anywhere Ten years ago, the focus of technology investments came from Silicon Valley. But now people would be suppressed if they saw where the best companies in the world come from. Companies of billions of dollars began to be born in several countries. But this is just the beginning. Take Artificial Intelligence: Every study now shows that deeper research and more interesting breakthroughs are happening all over the world. Or mobile games. It is taken for granted that some of the most innovative and successful games are made by young programmers. Or FinTech: founders from around the world have connected to create technologies that ensure better, easier, and more efficient financial services. We are not passive spectators as we develop our own financial ecosystem, through funds around the world. We are proud to have been relentless advocates for their growing strength and depth. And we will continue, because it is fundamental for the future, not only the companies in which we invest, but also the future of humanity.

3. Scalable companies are in our DNA We know that climbing a business is difficult. If it were easy, everyone would do it. So when we built RedLions Capital, we set out to create the best possible team of people who have done it before (and have scars to prove it). They work side-by-side with Members to help them scale their businesses. We would never invest and be watching our partners do all the hard work on their own. All the members of this team have hard-won experiences, founding or climbing successful companies. And they work with teams from all over the world, with experienced people in Europe, China, Japan, South America and the US. Every day they are working with partners and investors on the toughest aspects: hiring and retaining top talent, market entry and partnerships, user growth, marketing and communications. We seriously respect the drive and vision of our employees, investors and partners, but when necessary we challenge them, we have difficult conversations about focusing on things that are most important. Of course, this team evolves all the time, and we meet new people who can offer experience and add value to our ideas. Working as a real team, systematically with the board, not as a list of names on our site. They work closely together so our partners can focus on their companies. 4. Ready to climb? We are very focused on when and where we can add the greatest value to our partners and associates. We invest in all technology sectors, but since we have deep experience in climbing companies, we only look for opportunities where the founder has achieved the ideal fit in the market, is ready to scale and is in a position to become the leader of the category . In practice, this means that we invest in operationalization onwards. Sometimes it is during the operationalization, sometimes it is later with a super leverage. The key to us where we can add the highest value to super leveraging a company is the ability of a company to scale successfully. We know how difficult this moment is for the whole team. It's time to make or break. Your product has a strong fit in the market, but how do they scale their business fast enough so that the world's people can seize it? With our deep operational experience, this is where we feel we can add the greatest value. This is also why we work closely with some of the most successful partners as part of our external team. They help us find the most exciting next generation projects and then invest their own time with them as they scale their businesses. It is a unique team that is motivated by helping people to follow the same path they have already done successfully. As you can see, we take our work seriously. We do this because we believe with the deepest conviction that entrepreneurs will bring unmatched benefits to the world through a combination of technological innovation and the human spirit of continuous and endless progress. This is our mission, to help propel it in every possible way. We look forward to doing this with you.