Risk management

"Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing" Warren Buffet

The Asset Management department of RedLions Capital specializes in asset management. We manage private funds in Brazil and abroad. We rely on the most experienced professionals on the market, all focused on investment strategies with maximum return. We have a broad and sophisticated portfolio, which allows us to offer products that are appropriate to the particularities of each customer segment, considering different objectives and risk profiles.

International Presence

Our operation is concentrated in the main financial centers of the world: São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Santiago, New York, and Dubai.

Focus on Research

We have a qualified team, with analysts dedicated to economic research strategically based in several countries, working in partnership with the largest funds worldwide.

Capital Preservation

Our strategy management is based on a risk control process focused on capital preservation. This control is performed by a team specialized in risk management that supports resource managers and related areas. In addition, an independent risk control area ensures that all mandates of investment funds are adhered to, ensuring adherence to each client's return and risk tolerance objectives.